National Novice Debating Championship 2011

Date : 18 February - 20 February 2011
Venue : S&T Towers, Faculty of Engineering, Universiti Teknologi MARA Malaysia


What can be more exciting than watching back-to-back episodes of Glee with your friends at home? What can be more historical than visiting Tugu Negara every Saturday? What can be more breath-taking than living in the world of Star Wars? Okay, maybe not this one.

That’s right people; The National Novice Debating Championship is back!

Once again, after months of hard work, sleepless nights, sweat, tears and blood, the UT MARA Debating Society is very proud to host the much awaited event of the year- The National Novice Debating Championship 2011.

 This tournament is significant for the Malaysian debating scene as it provides a platform for aspiring new debaters to showcase their talent and gain their very first experience as a debater. National Novice Debating Championship 2011 is specially designed for debating institutions to test their new generation at a national level competition in guaranteeing the continuity of the debating scene in the country.

We welcome those up-and-coming debaters to participate in this historical event if you’re interested in joining the family of a bunch of people who argues about current issues as if they actually care about it. We assure you, this tournament encourages growth through numerous rigorous preliminary rounds and motivates new debaters to greater heights as everyone there will be of the same debating level, all vying for the ultimate prize of being the most awe-inspiring novice debater of 2011!

Do you think you have what it takes to win this competition? Join us, and we’ll see!


  1. Participation is open to all debaters who have debated less than a year and have NEVER debated in any major international IVs. International IVs are tournaments which cater to participants from more than one country, such as AUDC, Asians BP, All-Asians, Australasian and Worlds. This rule is not applicable for open tournaments. Participants who have debated in open tournaments are still allowed to join.
  2. All debaters who have participated competitively in Junior Category Royals are allowed to participate in novice. Senior Category debaters are not allowed to join, but are welcomed to adjudicate.

Debating Style:
Asian Parliamentary

Tournament Team Cap:
90 teams and 6 institutional team cap.

N1 rule applies.


Registration Fee:
Without accommodation:
  • RM60/person
Inclusive of accommodation:
  • Delta Inn:  RM130/person
  • Hostel:  RM95/person
*applies for debaters, adjudicators and observers
*accommodation fees cover only a two-night stay. If you wish to extend your stay, please contact the respective organizing committee.

Payment of Fees:
We only accept CASH as a form of payment. Payment of fees should be made on the day of registration itself (18th of February 2011) and we will issue a receipt for your respective institutions as proof of payment.