• Will I be disqualified if I can’t follow the N1 rule?
No. Teams will not be disqualified if they do not fulfil the N1 rule but the teams without an adjudicator representing them will not be able to break and move forward in the tournament.
  • Can I still participate as a debater if I’ve adjudicated in an international tournament?
Yes. The requirement in this tournament is that you must not have any experience as a debater in any international tournament. Please refer to the pre-requisites on the website.
  • Can adjudicators be laypersons?
Non-advisable but acceptable. In order  to fulfil the N1 rule, you are permitted to do so as we will brief these adjudicators beforehand. However, please inform us of the adjudicator’s lack of experience upon registering at the tournament.
  • Can I still adjudicate if I’ve already adjudicated in an international tournament?
Yes. Of  course. PLEASE DO. Seasoned adjudicators are always welcomed to ensure the quality of the tournament is maintained.

  • Can I still participate if my team is a composite team?
Yes, but your team will be non-breakable.
  • Can I bring reserves?
No, however you can bring observers.
  • Can I use electronic devices during the 30 minute prep time?
No. You’ll be disqualified. However, electronic dictionaries are allowed.

  • How and when do I pay the fees?
We will only accept CASH for this tournament, so it please make the payment on the day of registration (18th of February 2011) itself to the respective booth. If there are any complications or questions, feel free to contact Emellia. We will issue a receipt as proof pf payment for your respective institution.

  • How far is the venue from the accommodation?
From the hostel: 5 mins. From the hotel: 10-15 mins
  • What is the dress code for the whole tournament?
None. Informal attire is allowed. Only during the finals will participants be encouraged to wear formal clothing. Especially if those debaters have qualified to finals.
  • Is food provided?
Yes. At the venue.
  • Is transportation provided?
Yes. From the accommodation to the venue and also to the mosque for Friday prayer.
  • How many preliminary rounds will there be in this tournament?
6 rounds. This is subjected to change, depending on the adj core’s decision.
  • Where will the tourney be held?
At the Engineering Faculty of UiTM. The Science and Technology towers. The same place Novice was held last year.